name: mario rieger

born: 1967

nationality: german   

zodiac sign: aries

family status: divorced, 2 kidz

profession: architectural draftsman

occupations held:       
artist, tattoo-artist, athlet, dancer, performer, choreographer, producer, fitness-trainer

8 years track & field, 2 years gymnastics, since 1983 bodybuilding, breakdancing and armed martial arts, i did moto-cross, i do mountainbiking, inline skating, swimming and diving, powerwalking with my dog

titles & awards (bodybuilding):   
german newcomer champion men’s (1993)  
german champions mixed pairs (1994)
2nd place worldchampionship mixed pairs (1994)
3rd  place worldchampionship mixed pairs (1996)
winner of all ”best posing" contests
musclestar - best body performance (1999)

best moments:      
when my kidz were born, when lee haney invited me to be his guest, when i did a bungee jump, when 4500 turkish fans called out my name for an encore, when ben weider invited me being a guestposer at the mr. olympia, when joe weider purchased the oilpastell-portrait i painted for him, when i met sylvester stallone personally, when jim lorimer invited me to perform at the arnold classics 2009 and i finally met arnold when he announced me personally. snorkeling with sharks on hawaii, the night-dives in egypt with my son julian, the first encounter of a free living blue whale with my daughter talena, riding X2 at sixflaggs, the movie avatar in 3D

i do like:
movies, music, motorbikes, musclecars, books, comics, cirque de soleil, playing didgeridoo, animals, saturday night clubbing, sushi, ice cream and the deep blue sea

i don’t like:                
betrayal of trust, prejudice, dissimulation, bureaucracy,  pork

bruce lee, arnold schwarzenegger, lee haney, sylvester stallone, boris vallejo, frank frazetta, george lucas, stan winston, ganga giri, josef singer

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